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Westerleigh, Staten Island

Westerleigh epitomizes what it means to live in New York City’s most serene borough. This part of Staten Island welcomes you with charming homes and a close-knit community with a distinctively traditional vibe. The homey atmosphere is palpable even in the edges of the neighborhood where an outcropping of commercial establishments can be found.  

Westerleigh is sought-after by buyers looking for a peaceful community to raise a family and by young professionals who prefer a contrast to the fast-paced life in the city. But living here doesn’t isolate you from the best of what NYC has to offer. From Westerleigh, it’s easy to get around and explore other areas of Staten Island and the neighboring borough of Brooklyn. Manhattan is only around 23 miles away, while Jersey City, NJ is only a 22 minute drive.

Interested in Westerleigh, Staten Island houses for sale? This comprehensive community guide covers everything you need to know about this hidden NYC gem.

Location and getting around

Westerleigh is tucked further inland in Staten Island’s North Shore, the borough’s oldest and most populated region. Whereas neighboring communities like Port Richmond and Mariner’s Harbor are near the water, Westerleigh has the benefit of being closer to some of the borough’s popular outdoor spaces such as Willowbrook Park, Clove Lakes Park, and The Staten Island Zoo. 

The neighborhood is bounded by Manor Road to the east, Willowbrook Road to the west, Forest Avenue to the north, and Victory Boulevard to the south. Travel to further destinations is made easy by Interstate-278, which can take you to New Jersey in 10 minutes or less and to Brooklyn in about 20 minutes. 

Many residents in Westerleigh own a car, which is the usual mode of transportation when going to work and running errands throughout the borough. For longer commutes, like Manhattan for instance (a little over an hour, traffic permitting), it’s common to take the express buses which ply through the main commercial roads.

A brief history of Westerleigh

Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Westerleigh’s roots can be traced back to the temperance movement that swept the country in the late 19th century. Throughout the 1880s, the neighborhood became the headquarters of the National Prohibition Party, which organized large summer retreats — the first very first one was visited by about 60,000 people. For a time, the area came to be known as National Prohibition Park.

In the decades that followed, the number of summer camp attendees significantly declined as leaders of the National Prohibition Park Company began selling lots. Soon, tents and seasonal attractions gave way to permanent streets and Dutch Colonial and Victorian homes. 

Additionally, with the establishment of the Westerleigh College Institute in 1895 (the first educational institution in Staten Island to serve students from kindergarten to college), more new residents began pouring into the neighborhood to raise families. 

Throughout the 20th century, the former summer camp retreat furthered its transition into a full-fledged residential neighborhood. New homes were built and zoning regulations were strictly enforced to discourage big businesses from altering the neighborhood’s small town makeup. 

The city’s acquisition of Westerleigh Park and the original 3 acres of Northerleigh Park in 1907 expanded residents’ access to green space. Later renovations would make various recreational events and activities possible in the neighborhood, from outdoor concerts to local baseball leagues.

Although Westerleigh is no longer the bastion of prohibition, the neighborhood still maintains an old-fashioned appeal and a tranquil character — hallmarks of the temperance movement which are a welcome relief in today’s hectic urban lifestyle. 

Overview of the real estate market in Westerleigh

Houses in Westerleigh can go up for sale anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million. The majority of the housing stock is composed of modest single-family homes and townhouses which are typically priced between $300,000 to $500,000. These homes are popular among first-time buyers, as well as renters looking for a bit more space. 

For those with a higher budget, say, in the $700,000 to $900,000 range, bigger houses on more spacious lots are on offer. With these properties, there’s certainly more room to stretch out and enjoy a fair bit of yard space. At the million dollar mark, you’ll find a selection of mansions and spacious row houses with square footages of around 2,000 to over 6,000.

Property types

The vast majority of houses for sale in Westerleigh, Staten Island are single-family and multi-family units. Quite a few date as far back as the 1950s. These established properties have been excellently updated and maintained, and exude a distinct historic appeal. Additionally, relatively newer developments are available in the form of modern townhome complexes and co-ops. 

Architectural styles

In terms of architecture, most homes are built in variations of the Colonial, Tudor, and ranch styles. If you’re checking out the older housing stock, you can find a few Victorian gems like the locally popular “Bluestone” mansion along Jewett Avenue. 

Finding the right Westerleigh property

Searching for Real Estate

Westerleigh, Staten Island residents tend to keep their homes for a long time so finding the right houses for sale can be quite challenging. Get in touch with us at Casandra Properties, Inc. to keep you apprised of new home listings that may pop up in this sought after neighborhood. 

Top attractions in and around Westerleigh

While Westerleigh is mostly residential, you’ll find several outdoor attractions within the neighborhood as well as throughout the North Shore. Residents and visitors also enjoy several cultural attractions, top notch restaurants, and charming retail destinations in the area. 

Here’s a glimpse of the top things to see and do in Westerleigh.

Outdoor recreation

  • Westerleigh Park is where residents love to go for leisurely walks on paved paths lined with old-growth trees. At the center of the park is a small gazebo where visitors often relax while people/dog watching. In addition, various art exhibits, local festivities, as well as dance and music events take place in the park.
  • Northerleigh Park is just a couple of blocks to the north of Westerleigh Park and offers the same relaxing pace and green scenery. It hosts Northerleigh’s Little League, organized by the Westerleigh Little Guys & Gals group.
  • Gaeta Park is a small outdoor space in the southwestern corner of the neighborhood. It was named after Anthony R. Gaeta, who served as Staten Island’s Borough President from 1977 to 1984. 
  • Established in 1910, the Westerleigh Tennis Club is a private club for tennis and sporting enthusiasts. According to the club’s history, the 11 founding members banded together and purchased land for the clubhouse following the decline of Prohibition Park’s summer retreats.  
  • Markham Playground is a favorite among families with small children. There are swings, basketball courts, a water play area with sprinklers, and a jungle gym. 
  • Clove Lakes Park is located to the east beyond neighborhood limits. A five minute drive brings you to one of the borough’s best-preserved natural areas. This 190-acre park features lakes, small ponds, playgrounds, ballfields, an outdoor skating rink, and a 300-year old Tulip tree. There’s also a World War II Veterans War Memorial and an ice skating rink. 
  • Along Victory Boulevard is the picturesque Silver Lake Golf Course, a public 18-hole golf course. Silver Lake’s rolling landscape offers a fun and challenging experience to both new and experienced players. Additionally, guests can hold a range of social events such as weddings, team outings, and family gatherings.
  • The 8-acre Staten Island Zoo is the home of over a thousand animals, from reptiles and rare mammals to various bird species. There’s a few endangered animals on site, such as the Amur Leopard and the Galápagos Tortoise. The zoo has an affordable admission price and kids 2 years and under get free tickets.
  • Less than 10 minutes away is Willowbrook Park, an expansive 160-acre area that’s home to a number of wildlife species. For hikers, bird watchers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general, the park is a welcome escape to another world where picnic areas, tennis courts, an archery range, and a frequently visited children’s carousel await. In addition, Willowbrook Park is part of Staten Island’s 2,800-acre

    Greenbelt, which encompasses a diverse range of landscapes — from wetlands, old-growth forests, and privately owned outdoor spaces. 

Cultural attractions

Blooming Cheery Trees
  • Nestled in a peaceful cul-de-sac at the end of Galloway Avenue is Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Company. Established in 1975, this theater company is one of the oldest in Staten Island and still produces a number of shows every year. Previous performances include Lady From the Sea, Troilus and Cressida, and Our Town.
  • Originally a rest home for nearly a thousand elderly and retired sailors, The Snug Harbor Cultural Center was converted into a public attraction housing various artistic works and historic exhibitions that highlight the unique and diverse culture of Staten Island. The present site also has a vibrant botanical garden. Upon his passing in 1801, Robert Richard Randall donated the land where Snug Harbor now sits. In the 1970s, a movement was organized to rehabilitate the deteriorating estate. 
  • The National Lighthouse Museum is where you can learn more about the maritime heritage of lighthouses around the world. Located on the former site of the general depot of the United States Lighthouse Service (USLHS) from 1864 to 1939, the museum has self-guided tours, monthly lectures, and special events all year round. Many years before the USLHS occupied the site, it was also the location of New York Marine Hospital, more prominently known as The Quarantine.  
  • The Alice Austen House Museum immortalizes the Victorian-era photographer and her efforts to bring to light the daily lives of the working class in Staten Island and elsewhere in New York City. Apart from taking over 7,000 photographs, Austen was an avid tennis player and biker who advocated for women to take part in sports activities. 

Dining spots

Westerleigh hosts a number of restaurants that range from casual to fine dining. From everyday pizza and pasta or classic American fare to Mexican or Thai cuisines, you can choose from wide range of options to satisfy your cravings.

Retail areas

  • Forest Avenue Shoppers Town has big chain stores, as well as a diverse range of smaller shops and local restaurants. 
  • Forest Promenade Shopping Plaza is where you’ll find sizable grocery store complete with brand-name products, deli offerings, and various essentials. 
  • Forest Avenue Plaza is home to another large Department Store.
  • Further west along Forest Avenue are a handful of auto repair shops and big name homeware and hardware stores.

Find out more about Westerleigh, Staten Island from Casandra Properties, Inc.

Packed with traditional charm and the embracing feel of home, Westerleigh could be the perfect neighborhood for you. If you wish to learn more about this historic neighborhood, the next best move is to get in touch with our expert agents at Casandra Properties, Inc. 

Specializing in Staten Island real estate, Casandra Properties, Inc. is the top brokerage in the Borough of Parks. Our team has a combined experience of over 40 years in the local market, with more than $1 billion in real estate transactions closed.  

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