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Choosing the right commercial property in Staten Island

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After years of being under the shadow of its famous neighbors across New York Bay, Staten Island is coming into its own as a bustling destination for commercial real estate. While the real estate in this New York borough remains more affordable compared to those in Manhattan or Brooklyn, its waterfronts are being enhanced, mixed-used spaces are being built, and once-idle land is being converted into giant commercial hubs that are ripe for investment.

This blog features Staten Island’s emerging commercial real estate market, focusing on tips for securing commercial properties in the area that offer the best value for money and have the potential for high yields.


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Market overview

Recent real estate market trends on Staten Island show clusters of urban development growing in several of its neighborhoods. Places where populations thrive, interact, and do business are turning into hotspots for CRE investments. Developers are the first to point out the potential that can be found in areas like terminals and transport hubs, family-friendly parks, and attractive waterfronts. These offer more efficient trade, commerce, and delivery systems with the other NYC boroughs and even New Jersey, Staten Island’s neighbor to the west. There’s also the ease of mobility between Staten Island and these other prime locations for both work and leisure.

Several Staten Island neighborhoods are worth watching for these said developments.

  • Great Kills, which has often been called the big town with an equally huge heart, gives a great view of the majestic Great Kills Harbor; the sight alone is one factor that entices visitors to relocate.
  • St. George, one of the founding towns of the island, is known for its history which is evident in its heritage architecture.
  • Tompkinsville is brimming with artistic activities and cultural events, indicating the vibrant diversity in the place; compared to the other neighborhoods, it is one of the most populated.
  • Todt Hill is more secluded and separate from the other towns, giving an atmosphere of exclusivity and protected affluence.

While each Staten Island neighborhood has its unique characteristics that define the residents’ diversity, homes and other properties for sale are generally more affordable. This is something CRE developers and investors should consider as this means that there will always be migration to the island that, in turn, augurs commercial and industrial growth.

Staten Island real estate agents will vouch for the potential of properties in the area, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Homes in the area have been sold for a median price of $618,000 in February 2024 – higher from the previous month’s $604,000 and 2023’s $600,000 – and the outlook is generally positive. Those looking at the possibility of entering the rental business on Staten Island will be happy to know of the strong potential of investing in this sector for the huge demand and relative affordability of homes for sale here.

Available CRE types

As a major urban hub, New York City boasts a thriving economy fueled by a massive number of businesses from small-scale retailers to Fortune 500 companies. Staten Island may not have the high-profile financial institutions of Manhattan or the eclectic nuance of art-inspired businesses in Brooklyn but it holds its own in the field of commerce. It has shown stability in the services, education, and healthcare sectors, while the fields of home healthcare, logistics, and renewable energy are about to go on full throttle.

With Staten Island poised for even more economic growth, real estate agents note that commercial real estate in the area is also well-positioned to experience a surge. Below are the most promising avenues for investing in CRE:


Many projects have been announced by the mayor of New York City to invest in the North Shore of the island for the revitalization of commercial opportunities along the St. George Terminal and other waterfront areas, to name a few, over the next four years.

Mixed-use hubs on Staten Island usually have a combination of retail, office, and residential spaces within a building or a large lot, allowing clients of these spaces to accomplish several tasks in places not far from home.

Spaces allotted specifically for shopping and dining establishments are also scattered throughout the Staten Island landscape, the most popular of which is Staten Island Mall – also the largest mall on the island. Hylan Boulevard, for its part, features an array of national chain stores, independent shops, some office spaces, and The Boulevard, another shopping center on Staten Island.


As mentioned earlier, the affordability of homes for sale on Staten Island compared to those in other NYC boroughs makes them highly desirable to anyone who plans to live or do business in the Big Apple or New Jersey. Add to that the lovely suburban vibe that Staten Island has retained over the years, the more spacious lots compared to the luxurious but smaller living spaces of properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the ease of travel from the island to other points of NYC and the Garden State, and the intrinsic family-friendly atmosphere of the neighborhoods here.

Single-family homes, condos, and apartments are among the most abundant property types you’ll find on Staten Island. While the rate of homeownership on the island is higher than the average, a huge chunk of the population prefers to rent and also benefit from the perks of living on Staten Island. All these factors contribute to the viability of investing in a commercial property or two in the area.


The bustling activity on Staten Island, especially in and around the vicinity of the St. George Ferry Terminal, has given rise to the emergence of a thriving industrial hub with several businesses linked to the day-to-day operations of the harbor. Some of these businesses include cargo forwarding services and storage facilities; thus, the viability of putting up warehouses for these businesses.

Other industrial facilities on Staten Island also find themselves strategically near the ports for the easy movement of goods for import/export. Large-scale distribution centers of Amazon and Ikea are found in the Bloomfield/Chelsea industrial hub while existing manufacturing facilities in Port Richmond benefit from the waterfront access. The Arthur Kill Road Corridor’s cluster of industrial spaces includes logistics centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Major developments

Commercial property on Staten Island has been experiencing a boost, in terms of value and attention, by the recent developments that are designed to take the island, its infrastructure, and its communities to a higher level. The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) has been championing the following projects, including the Staten Island North Shore Action Plan which is probably the most-awaited and much-publicized development, according to Staten Island real estate agents. Approximately 20 acres of public land will be converted into a mixed-use waterfront community with more than 2,400 housing units. This government property investment, which will cost around $400 million to finish, is expected to bring in more than 7,500 jobs and create revenues for the city amounting to $3.8 billion. Included in the development are the construction of a school, improvement of waterfront access, and the strengthening of the island’s flood resiliency measures.

The North Shore Action Plan also has the following changes and additions in store for the area:

  • In the area around the St. George Ferry Terminal, the redevelopment of four acres of green land, with 530,000 square feet to be converted into commercial property.
  • The creation of an esplanade for bikers and pedestrians.
  • An upgrade for the Staten Island University Hospital Community Park.
  • Development of the historic Lighthouse Point into a mixed-use building with residential, office, and commercial spaces.


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The well-known mantra, “location, location, location” holds true, not just for potential homeowners but also for those about to get into commercial real estate. In standard real estate, the location of a property determines how high and how fast its value will increase over the coming years. But in the case of CRE, the right location increases the chances of your business flourishing.

In finding the most ideal place to set up your commercial property, look at the following aspects:

VISIBILITY. Situating your business in an area where foot traffic is high increases the likelihood of people coming in to see what you’re offering. This would be a place in or around highways, transport hubs, or major roads. Chances are, other businesses would also be in this area, and that means…

COMPETITION. The existence of other businesses sharing a space with yours has its pros and cons. On one hand, this gives clients/customers more options to choose from. On the other hand, you’ll have to come up with marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Then again, no competition means you may have chosen an isolated place with little to no foot traffic.

TARGET CLIENTELE. Ask yourself about the type of clients you plan to attract with your CRE and then make sure that it is in the neighborhood of those you want to attract or within the commercial district. That’s why it’s vital to study the demographics of the neighborhoods of Staten Island before purchasing homes for sale to be converted to commercial spaces or rentals.

AMENITIES. Whether it’s a warehouse, a multi-family residential space, or an office building in your CRE plans, you’ll want to make sure that this property is in an area that provides all the amenities necessary for your potential tenants to stay comfortably. Depending on your clientele’s requirements, you may want a location near schools, parks, ports, or even food places and shopping districts.

UPCOMING EXPANSION AND DEVELOPMENTS. A location that is seeing a lot of rising infrastructure and real estate developments is an indication of progress, competitiveness, and a strong socio-political will that is keen to improve the condition of the location and, with it, the welfare of its residents and visitors. You’ll want to be at the center of it all when that happens.

Business goals

Your business goals also have a hand in making or breaking your foray into the commercial real estate sector of Staten Island. Of course, the ultimate goal in this endeavor is to profit from your investment, but in what way?

You first need to understand your business needs. Space considerations are one of them. Do you need a large space to fulfill manufacturing requirements? Then, a spacious warehouse may fit the bill. Or if you plan on opening a space for a startup business or a shared workplace, several mid-sized office units right in the middle of a bustling commercial district are where you’ll want to set your business up.

You still need to keep focused on your target clientele in crafting your goals. When you are sure about the kind of customers to reach out to for your business, your goal is to make them come and when they do come, your next goal is to keep them coming back or letting them stay. Knowing their needs and making sure these are fulfilled will get you on the right path to success.

Branding, the potential for growth, and access to specific amenities are all location-based factors that could impact your business goals. Branding may be built from your business space’s surroundings, whether it’s an upscale neighborhood or a waterfront property near the ports. As for growth, will there be enough room for you to expand or upgrade? Special amenities, for their part, will matter depending on the business type. An apartment building catering to young professionals will do well in a place near commercial districts. Businesses involving the movement of goods will want to be located near the major thoroughfares.

Budgeting and financial considerations

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Setting a budget for your CRE endeavor helps in determining its scale. Real estate agents in the know will note that Staten Island presents a diverse selection of properties for the type of business endeavor you seek, ranging from massive warehouses to mid-rise apartments.

Affordability matters a lot in creating your budget. That’s why it’s important to first set your business goals before coming up with a budget because it gives you a clearer idea of the type of CRE to invest in.

Then, there’s the matter of maintenance, repairs, and renovations which are crucial to keeping your commercial property in tip-top shape. Bear in mind that some tenants may be harder to please than others, so it helps to be well-versed on the wants and needs of your clientele beforehand to keep them happy – and to determine the extent of your budget.

Sustainability is also something to consider: the resources you have to plug into the property to ensure its high quality, desirability, and attractiveness to future investors and buyers.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Familiarity with local real estate legalities and regulations is also a must in selecting the commercial property on Staten Island that will work for you. Always keep in mind the following:

  • Environmental laws
  • Land use and local zoning regulations
  • Property inspections
  • Real estate disclosures
  • Title searches

The above-mentioned aspects determine not just the best location but also the condition of the property, the zoning regulations in your preferred areas, and potential legal challenges, if any.


Whether this is your first foray into real estate investment or you’re a seasoned investor with an illustrious asset portfolio in your name, it makes sense to have a local expert around to guide you through the process and ensure that you make wise choices in decision-making. For that, there’s Casandra Properties Inc. to help you navigate the commercial real estate landscape of Staten Island with ease. More than 30 years of tirelessly working for their clients has earned them the trust of their long list of clients from home buyers and sellers to big-name companies.

Start your journey toward high-income yields from your Staten Island real estate investment with Casandra Properties Inc.! Call the team at 718.720.0126 or send them an email.

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